Unimark Truck Transport

Unimark is a full service drive-away/truck-away transportation company serving all of North America with terminals throughout the United States and Canada. Our company consists of three divisions: Unimark Truck Transport, Unimark Lowboy and Unimark Transportation Services (Canada). We hire and contract quality drivers and provide centralized dispatching to ensure excellent communication with our drivers and timely deliveries.

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Unimark Truck Transport LLC

Offering full-service truck transport drive-away and inventory management. Unimark Truck Transport is in the top 10% annual pay for drivers in the trucking industry.

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Unimark Lowboy Transportation LLC

100% Owner Operator fleet offering transport of class 3 to class 8 trucks through the United States and Canada.

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unimark canada

Unimark Transportation Services Inc.

100% contractor fleet offering single, drive-away and lowboy transportation services throughout Canada and the United States.

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