When the unforeseen happens and you are involved in a Loss Event, you should be prepared to obtain and provide information to the Safety Department as soon as possible from the scene. If you are unable to report from the scene you should report it within one hour of the event.

Loss Event calls are taken 24 hours a day / 7 days a week @ 1-800-451-7560 (option 1)

Loss Events Include:

* Vehicle Accidents
* Spills (fuel, oil, radiator fluid, etc.)
* Cargo Damage
* Misc. Incidents (deer strikes, broken windows, vandalism, etc.)

You were given an accident kit during orientation and should also have one in your permit book. If you do not have one please ask for one when at a terminal.
You must call 800-451-7560 (option 1) for any loss event that occurs no matter how MINOR you think it is. A Safety Representative will be available to assist you. If you are asked to leave a message, please make sure you leave a call back number.

What to do at the scene
1. Help the injured
2. Call 911 for all accidents and thefts and exchange information with others involved
3. Take photos (see below)
4. Call the accident Line 800-451-7560 (option 1)
5. Call dispatch

While waiting for the police you should begin taking photos of the accident scene using your cell phone camera/video camera. Accident scenes are often cleared as soon as the police arrive, you will need to move quickly to preserve the scene as it was at the time of the accident.

Take photos of the following:
* Accident scene from several different angles-show any hills or curves.
* Traffic indicators, signals, etc.
* All vehicles involved (including witness vehicles/tags)
* Damage done to all vehicles / property (close-up as well as distance photos from different angles)
* Skid marks, debris

Email all photos to
Kim Gregory
Mike Cotter