We provide one-way of your transportation either from home or to home. You will provide the other. We can still get your transportation set up for you at our savings, but you will pay for one direction of your travel.

If you do not need us to provide your transportation to the load, we can provide your transportation home. We will only provide transportation one way. Either to the load or home, not both.

That is a case-by-case basis. It will depend on why you need a hotel, but typically, you will only have hotels paid while under a load. You earn a one room night for every 500 miles dispatched.

This is a company driving position and the company pays for the fuel.

Yes, the Machinist Union will represent you. $100 initiation fee and $50.75 a month Union dues.

You do not have to join the Union, but you are still paying fees to not join.

We fly you to Joplin, MO for orientation. We provide your hotel (complimentary breakfast at the hotel), shuttle to the terminal and you will be paid $400 (taxes deducted) for your deck training pay.

Yes, they are available for purchase directly from the company or you can provide your own. You can request a list from your recruiter of the tools needed.

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Yes, due to the length of the trucks once they are decked together you need to have experience pulling a trailer.

The only time you have a choice of loads is when you are at a terminal. You will be able to choose your loads based on seniority.

You will be sent to pick up your 1st load. You will meet up with a trainer that will mirror the same load as you and help you through the load. On average, you will do 3-6 loads with a trainer at $.065cpm.

No, Unimark does not own these trucks and riders are not allowed.

Single drivers are forced dispatched. We send you to where the trucks need to be picked up.

Yes, we use the Keep Truckin App for Electronic Logs.

The hotel has a complimentary breakfast each morning. We have a menu that we order lunch from daily. As long as you order from that menu, we provide your lunch. If you have special dietary restrictions, you will be on your own.

We would like to see you stay out 15-20 days. You will be earning 2 days for every 5 days worked.

You can stay home a maximum of 14 days. Anything longer must be approved by dispatch.

*For complete details and requirements, please call recruiting at 1-866-254-2884
**Information subject to change without notice.

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