Post Delivery and Travel

Using Driver Trip App you must clear/deliver out as drops are completed. To clear your drops, you will need to have your Delivery Receipt, Saddles, and Recovery bags. Follow the steps below to successfully clear the drop:
• Touch on the current drop that you want to deliver out. 
• Start Scanning. 
• You will need to Scan the Delivery Receipt, Take a clear picture, make sure the borders of the DR line up with the borders shown on the app. Once it’s done correctly, you will get a checkmark next to VIN #.  
• You will need to scan your equipment. It will add a checkmark next to the saddle # if scanned correctly.  
• You will be asked if you want to add a recovery bag, if yes, you must scan it as well.  
• Once you have scanned DR and equipment, you will be able to answer YES to complete delivery.  
• Repeat for multiple drops.  
Once you have completed your load and closed out deliveries using the Driver Trip app, send an email to Joplin Dispatch confirming that you are ready to receive your travel arrangements if you haven’t received them.
Ensure you have an accurate ATF set up using ATC Driver Trip App:
Return Travel. The Travel screen will allow you to easily communicate with the dispatch on your Available to Fly/Drive (ATF) times and will allow you to view flight information and rental car reservations. To get to the Travel screen on the Driver Trip App, swipe left through the screen options or use the menu in the top right called ‘Go to…’ to select the Travel screen.
To send an updated ATF, press the ‘CHANGE ATF’ button and select a date and time you are available to fly using either the buttons on the sides or using the slider control. Enter comments either by typing or press the microphone button to speak your comments. Press submit.
To view reservations and flight information, click on the buttons for ‘RENTAL CAR RESERVATION’ and ‘TICKETED FLIGHT INFORMATION’ to see details of the rental and flights.